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Pro Home Care has been professional carpet cleaners in Palm Desert since 2008. Based in the Inland Empire, we have been providing our customers an unparalleled expertise helping them to have the cleanest, freshest carpets.

There is no way to minimize this, dirty carpets are a health hazard. It is imperative to have our carpet cleaning services out to your house or business to ensure that your environment is as healthy and safe as possible. We are a carpet cleaning company with a dedication to our customers satisfaction. We feature a 200% money-back guarantee.

Some carpet cleaning services out there might utilize a basic steam cleaning device. Then they have you pay them and they're out the door. We ensure that you carpets have been cleaned with our unique and proprietary soap-free process. Our carpet cleaning service is the tops in the Inland Empire and Southern California.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Whatever your cleaning needs are, we will be able to provide you the quality and excellence you desire. We have restored many carpets to a like new condition. We can remove stains and grease marks. Using our floor cleaning approach we are able to deep cleaning your carpets. Pro Home Care is indeed your professional carpet cleaners. When cleaning carpet, we literally analyze your carpet to see the exact fiber that was used to create your particular carpet. We've been doing this exact analysis for all of our customers since 2004. We are indeed the carpet whisperers. We get a real professional kick out of bringing carpet back to life. We have worked for many years to be the premier Palm Desert Carpet cleaning company. Our service level & quality is unparalleled.

So many times when we get the call from a customer, we hear them say how someone told them that they should wait to clean their carpets. Our professional opinion is that this will actually hurt the life of your carpets. You see, dirt & dust get enmeshed into the carpet fibers and that can hurt the overall life of your carpets. Though we do not provide free estimates, we do have a 200% satisfaction guarantee! If you are not happy & satisfied with our work, we'll pay a competitor to come out and clean your carpet. We believe in our services.

Commitment to high-quality Palm Desert carpet cleaning

Call us today! We will do a great job for you & breathe new life into your carpets. Whether your are located in Palm Desert or any other city in the Inland Empire, Pro Home Care is ready to help you.